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Trends in Video Marketing for 2023 and Beyond

by Munmun Moni
Trends in Video Marketing for 2023 and Beyond
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Trends in Video Marketing for 2023 and Beyond

What content is most effective for reaching your target audience?

If you are a content marketer, long-form blog posts will be your best option. This is still a popular choice for both marketers and consumers. But it’s not the only option. For years, blogs were the “king” of content.

Video is the new marketing tool, and it’s very popular.

Recent YouTube views increased by 20-30% Engagement is at an all-time high with 56% watching more videos on social media each month.

They don’t just watch funny skits or follow influencers. According to data, 4 out of 10 internet users are loyal brands that they love and may even consider buying from. A further 35% of internet users have viewed videos made by brands.

If you’re one of the 70% of eCommerce companies increasing their video marketing budgets following the pandemic, you might be wondering where your money will make the most return. The following video marketing trends are for 2022, according to our research.

1. Social Media Video Advertising

In 2022, social media advertising will be a necessity.

They encourage users to follow brands to discover new products and make purchases on the site.

Because of that, it makes sense to invest in social media video advertising–especially if you have a smaller organic audience.

One-fifth of businesses have already planned to increase their spending on social media marketing through 2022, according to estimates. Social media ads are most popular in vertical video format. It is a great idea to offer both horizontal and vertical capabilities.

It doesn’t really matter which type of social media ads you are creating. Both formats can be used to create compelling stories. Vertical mode is best if you only want to show one person. Turn your device horizontally to view a larger scene.

Trends in Video Marketing for 2023 and Beyond

Trends in Video Marketing for 2023 and Beyond

2. Shopping videos

Are you thinking of launching a product? You might be looking to increase traffic and awareness, or perhaps you want to make shopping videos.

Searches for similar products to yours are possible on the internet. They don’t just use Google to find new products. They also use social media to get recommendations from influential people and friends.

To convert customers, eCommerce companies have turned to shop videos. Sometimes they are disguised as regular product videos and have clickable pop-up text that links to clothing or household items.

Instagram and Facebook each have their own types of shoppable video content. This is particularly true for advertising platforms.

Both platforms enable brands to create Shops that pull inventory directly from their eCommerce websites. Social media users can view an original post with the item tag and view additional information. The Shop allows users to purchase the item from their platform.

People won’t need to manually search for the goods after watching your video advertisement. Click on the product to instantly be redirected to the landing page. Video marketing trends for 2022 are a powerful tool for increasing sales. You should give it a shot.

These are video ads that connect to products in the video’s universe. These videos are often found on Snapchat and Instagram Stories, but the technique gets more sophisticated.

Interacting with objects in videos will soon make it possible to purchase things or link to them. You might be able to find out more about a model by hovering your mouse over it. You could do the same for a smartphone that is being reviewed on YouTube. Brian Dean, founder of Exploding Topics.

Shoppable video is used by 40% of marketers. Shoppable videos should not be treated as advertisements if you want to achieve the best results. The same approach should be used for all other content. You should be focusing on topics that are important to your audience.

You should make your video interactive. To add shoppable links within the first 30 seconds, use the hashtag #shoppablepost You can tell your audience right at the start of the video.

Don’t overload your shoppable video with links, no matter what product it is. It will distract the viewer from their experience.

3. Video Short Form

People today are extremely busy and have to balance work, family, hobbies, and personal life. People can’t stop reading content that takes longer than a few minutes. (Emphasis on a few seconds.

This is how your videos are seen by busy consumers. Keep your videos short to increase your chances of getting more views. This is why Instagram Reels and TikTok are so popular video marketing trends for 2022.

Eric Carrell, SurfShark’s Chief Executive Officer, explains everything.

“TikTok is a social media platform that has 800 million users. It is based solely on short-form videos. It allows users to create engaging, entertaining, and interesting content that quickly spreads across the globe. Instagram also created Reels to show that short video is becoming a booming trend.

Do you doubt the effectiveness of short-form videos? One study found that 68% of viewers will watch short-form videos if they last less than 60 seconds. Another 25% will watch the video if it is shorter than 60 seconds.

Because of these impressive results, these video formats have enjoyed a huge increase in popularity.

Eric Carrell adds:

  • “Major brands now embrace the idea of short-form film production. The Washington Post is an example of a newspaper active on TikTok. It is possible for a daily newspaper to do this!

Finding a way to mix knowledge and entertainment in a Reels video or TikTok is key to your success. You can make your presentation engaging and captivating by thinking about how many details you can provide in just 20 seconds. This is an Idea about the video marketing trends of 2022.

You are looking for inspiration to make your own video posts. To show people the behind-the-scenes, offer behind-the-scene videos. Test the waters with user-generated videos, such as tutorials or testimonials. Or, provide quick valuable tips for people following your social media profile.

Trends in Video Marketing for 2023 and Beyond

Trends in Video Marketing for 2023 and Beyond

4. Live Video Streaming

Connection. Intimacy. Authenticity. These are the qualities that people expect from brands. To create human-like video content, get rid of corporate jargon.

Demonstrate you are human and that you can connect with potential customers. It is impossible to meet everyone face-to-face so it is better to live.

Live streaming is growing in popularity all around the world.

Facebook is the site with the highest number of live video views. Next up are Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

These platforms: What is the deal? Here’s a peek:

  • 20% of Facebook videos are live broadcasts
  • Twitter users report a 14% rise in unique viewers during live events.
  • LinkedIn is experiencing some activity on the live side, with 69% of its members seeing the same or more live content than before the pandemic.

After the pandemic, Instagram saw a 70% rise in live video usage within a month. Even if there are no physical interactions, it is clear that people need one another.

Brands can communicate with customers and increase their brand’s visibility through real-time video. You can use video streaming to tell brand stories and host live Q&As. You can also show the lives of the people behind your brand.

“Be approachable to your audience. Let them post their questions to social media and have them respond in real-time. This will increase trust and viewer engagement.

This trend may be embraced by you by hosting live webinars and Q&A sessions. If you have a company social media account, you can take advantage of these features and go live wherever and whenever you want.

Herbert Riggs is CEO of UnscrambleX

Herbert summarizes: “By 2022, live streaming will have a market of $70 million.” This is not surprising. This is not surprising as customers value personal interaction above all else.

5. Interactive Video

People want to see content, not just read it. Imagine if there was a way to increase user interaction. Interactive video is an excellent way to increase user involvement.

You might have seen similar videos on social media to this one in your recent feed. These videos allow you to make choices as you watch.

There are many ways to make your video interactive. You can also add an email form or chatbot to your newsletter after the video is finished.

Interactive videos are being adopted by businesses already. Video marketers expect to use interactive video in 2022, which is 33% more than in 2020.

Do you want to be part of the action? 360-degree videos can be a powerful type of interactive video. This video is great for experiential marketing as it allows viewers to be immersed in the content. Viewers can adjust the camera angle with virtual reality technology using their mouse or another device.

This can be used as a way to improve brand stories. You can let viewers “walk in your shoes.” Explainer videos can be turned into interactive demos.

Trends in Video Marketing for 2023 and Beyond

Trends in Video Marketing for 2023 and Beyond

6. Optimize Videos for Search

The internet is the primary source of information for consumers (both business-to-business and consumer-to-consumer). It is important to optimize your videos for search engines in order to ensure they show up in the search results.

It’s more than adding keywords to your description and title. Higher YouTube ranks are strongly correlated to comments, likes, and views as well as views, views, views, shares, and other social media interactions.

Here’s where the fun starts: optimizing a YouTube video for search does not mean getting to page one in YouTube results. It is important to choose keywords strategically and optimize videos that match your main keyword.

Google is the most popular search engine. You can rank your videos there as well. Its results page lists videos that match certain keywords intents. Google considers this a great example of a keyword that requires a video: “How do I tie my shoelaces?”

A video listing is the first. Next, a featured excerpt from other videos. Optimizing videos will increase the chances that your blog will rank higher in the SERPs.

“YouTube’s search engine and discovery system have two purposes: To make it easier for users to find the videos they are looking for and to increase long-term audience satisfaction and engagement.

Video SEO can help in the discovery and promotion of new videos, but if the video does not get enough time to be watched in the first three to six weeks, it will not become visible.

Timothy Robinson, CEO of VPN

7. Use TV-Connected Hosting Platforms

Accessing online video content is becoming easier to access via mobile devices. This does not mean they are watching the video on smaller phones.

Smart TVs enable people to connect to YouTube and other platforms on their big screens. 64% of consumers stream videos on TV more than on their smartphones, tablet, and computer.

What does all this mean for video marketers This is a sign that online video is favored by your audience. This is a reason to include online videos in your content marketing strategy.

A video hosting platform must have stream-to-TV capabilities like YouTube. Your video will be available to the public on a large screen. You’ll also benefit from the millions of users who use the platform to search for videos every day.

These video marketing trends are possible to put into practice.

Video marketing is a popular choice for marketers because it works.

These video trends will assist you in achieving better results with your video marketing strategy over the next year. What video trends should be used in your marketing campaigns? What can you do to make it resonate with your audience?

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