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Quotes Of Alexander The Great

by Munmun Moni
Quotes Of Alexander The Great
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Alexander the Great Quotes

These Quotes From Alexander the Great will inspire you to achieve your goals.

Quotes Of Alexander The Great III of Macedon, also known as Alexander the Great is a famous Macedonian king.

These inspiring quotes reflect his love for philosophy, power, and knowledge.

The legendary leader built one of the largest empires in the ancient world, stretching from Greece to North Africa and India to Asia.

These Alexander the Great quotes can inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Alexander the Great is a legendary military commander who has never been defeated throughout history.

These wise words and insightful insights will help you to achieve your goals.

Believe in yourself, and then put your plans into practice. You can achieve your wildest dreams.

This collection of Alexander the Great quotes will inspire you to overcome your fears and live life to the fullest.

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Alexander the Great quotes to inspire you to believe in your full potential

1. “There is nothing impossible for him who will attempt.” – Alexander, the Great

2. “I don’t fear an army led by sheep by lions; I fear an army led by lions.” – Alexander The Great

3. “Remember that the fate of all depends upon how each conducts themselves.” – Alexander, the Great

4. “Whatever possessions we acquire by our sword are not certain or lasting, but the love that is gained through kindness and moderation is sure and durable.” – Alexander The Great

5. “Throughout every generation of human history there has been a constant war. It was a war with fear. “Those who can conquer it are freed, and those who are defeated by it are made to suffer till they have the courage or die.” – Alexander The Great

6. “I am indebted not only to my father for my living but also to my teacher for my well-being.” – Alexander The Great

7. “I would rather excel in the knowledge of the excellent than in my dominion and power.” – Alexander, the Great

8. “You will, I doubt not, find a route to the top of your diligent search for it; for nature has placed nothing so high as is beyond the reach of industry or valor.” – Alexander The Great

9. “For my part, I would prefer to excel knowledge of high secrets of philosophy than in armies.” – Alexander The Great

10. “I would prefer to live a short life full of glory than one filled with obscurity.” – Alexander, the Great

Quotes Of Alexander The Great

Quotes Of Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great quotes will encourage you to pursue your dreams.

11. “Let’s conduct ourselves so all men want to be our friends, and all people fear to become our enemies.” – Alexander The Great

12. “Every light is not a sun” – Alexander, the Great

13. “It is noble to hear myself being ill-treated when I am doing well.” – Alexander, the Great

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14. “With the right attitude self-imposed limitations disappear.” – Alexander, the Great

15. “As far as a limit on one’s labors I, for one do not recognize any for high-minded men except that the labors should lead to noble accomplishments.” Alexander, the Great

16. “I don’t steal the victory.” – Alexander, the Great

17. “In the end when it’s done, all that matters is your actions.” – Alexander, the Great

18. “How can a man groom his horse or furbish his spear and helmet? If he is not used to tending to his personal belongings?” – Alexander, the Great

19. “A tomb now suffices him, for whom the entire world was not enough.” – Alexander The Great

20. “Who doesn’t want such a victory, by which we will join places in our Kingdom so far divided by Nature and for which we will set up trophies on another conquered planet?” – Alexander, the Great

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Alexander the Great quotes to inspire you to achieve your goals

21. “Now that wars are over, I wish for peace and prosperity. All mortals should live as one people, in harmony, and for mutual progress. The world is your country. There are laws that all people can follow and the best government, regardless of tribal affiliation. I don’t distinguish between men as the narrow-minded do.

This applies to both Greeks and Barbarians. I don’t care about the ancestry of citizens or their racial origins. They are classified according to their virtue. Every virtuous foreigner I know is a Greek, and every bad Greek is worse than a Barbarian. You should not resort to violence if there are differences between you. Instead, try to resolve them peacefully. “I should be your arbitrator if necessary.” – Alexander, the Great

22. “When we give time to someone, we are actually giving a part of our lives that we will never get back.” – Alexander The Great

23. “Now that you fear punishment, beg for your lives, I will let your freedom, if for no other reason, so you can see the differences between a Greek King and a barbarian Tyrant, so don’t expect any harm from me. “A king doesn’t kill messengers.” Alexander The Great

24. “My treasure is in my friends.” – Alexander, the Great

25. “Holy shadows, the dead, you are not to blame for your bitter and cruel fate. It is the accursed rivalry that brought brother nations and peoples to war with one another. This victory is not one that I am happy about. I am not happy about this victory of mine.

26. “Each moment without fear makes a man immortal.” – Alexander, the Great

27. “Sex and sleeping alone make me aware that I am mortal.” – Alexander, the Great

28. “As a newborn baby cannot be fed without the nurse’s milk nor supervised to the approaches that promote growth in life, so can a city thrive without its fields and the fruits thereof.” – Alexander The Great

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29. “If I weren’t Alexander, I would wish to be Diogenes.” Alexander The Great

30. “In faith, hope, and charity the world will disagree.” – Alexander The Great

Quotes Of Alexander The Great

Quotes Of Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great quotes to help conquer your fears

31. “Heaven can’t brook two suns, and earth cannot have two masters.” – Alexander The Great

32. “I send you mustard seeds that you can taste the bitterness of our victory.” – Alexander The Great

33. “I want to cover the road with my treasure so that everyone sees that the material wealth acquired on Earth, stays on Earth.” – Alexander The Great

34. “How much happier would it have been for me if I had been killed in battle? It was far nobler to be the victim of the enemy rather than to suffer the rage of my friends.” Alexander The Great

35. “On their side, more men are standing, and on ours, more will fight!” Alexander The Great

36. “Are You Still to Learn That the End and Perfect of Our Victories is to Avoid the Vices and Infirmities of Those Whom We Subdue?” – Alexander The Great

37. “O lucky youth, to have discovered Homer the herald de your glory!” – Alexander The Great

38. My father will see to it that everything is possible. He will anticipate everything.

39. “I see a great funeral competition over me,” – Alexander, the Great

40. “Our enemies are Medes, Persians, men who have lived soft and lavish lives for centuries; we of Macedon have been trained in danger and war for generations.” – Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great quotes to encourage you

41. “How great the dangers I face in order to win a good reputation in Athens.” – Alexander, the Great

42. “I am dying due to the treatment by too many doctors.” – Alexander, the Great

43. “I want the greatest doctors to carry my coffin in order to show that even the best doctors can’t heal in the face of death.” – Alexander The Great

44. “To the strongest!” – Alexander, the Great

45. “The goal and object of conquest are to avoid doing the exact same thing as conquered.” – Alexander The Great

46. “Without Knowledge Skill is not possible to be focused. “Without Skill, Strength is not possible to be applied and without Strength, Knowledge cannot be applied.” – Alexander, the Great

47. “Toil and risk are part of the price for glory, but it’s a beautiful thing to live with courage and leave an everlasting legacy.” – Alexander The Great

48. “Bury my body, but don’t build any monument.” Keep my hands open so that the people will know that the one who won all the world was without a hand.” – Alexander The Great

49. “True love does not have a happy ending because true love has no end.” – Alexander, the Great

50. “Glory crowns those who expose themselves for toils and dangers.” – Alexander, the Great

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51. “Leave my hands outside while my casket is being taken to the grave. I was born empty-handed and I will leave this world empty-handed. “My whole life has been a waste of time, a futile exercise. No one can take anything with them at the end.” – Alexander, Great

52. Steven Pressfield: “A horse must seem a little crazy to be a good cavalry horse, and its rider must act as such.”

53. “Soldiers! I would have liked to have been taken away by you by the effort of a few desperate people, but by grace and providence, I am still preserved.” Alexander, the Great

Quotes Of Alexander The Great

Quotes Of Alexander The Great

Thoughts Provoking Alexander The Great Quotes

54. “May God protect you from the venom and teeth of the tigers, and the revenge of Afghans.” — Alexander The Great

55. “There are no more planets to conquer!” — Alexander, the Great

56. “God must have loved Afghans because he made them so beautiful.” — Alexander The Great

57. “A tomb now suffices the man for whom the world was insufficient.” — Alexander, Great

58. “My logisticians have a dull disposition… they know that if my campaign fails they will be the first to die.” — Alexander, the Great

59. “When you bury me, don’t create any momentum and keep your hands outside so the world knows that someone who won the entire world had nothing in him while he died.” — Alexander The Great

60. “I am dying because of the help of too many doctors.” — Alexander, the Great

61. “I don’t fear an army led by sheep by lions; I am afraid of an Army of Lions led by sheep by lions!” — Alexander The Great

62. “I don’t consider what Parmenio should get, but what Alexander should give.” — Alexander The Great

63. “Does it not seem a matter worthy to be lamented that there is so many of them [worlds]], yet we have not conquered one?” — Alexander, the Great

Which one of these Alexander the Great quotes inspires you the most

Alexander the Great’s incredible speeches and quotes continue to live on as his legacy.

These words of wisdom are great for anyone looking for inspiration, advice, or motivation.

Alexander III, as a commander and leader, understood the sacrifices required for success.

You must work hard and believe in yourself if you are going to reach your goals.

Victory is the ultimate reward to those who put in the work.

These Alexander the Great quotes show that anyone can achieve anything if they don’t give up.

Your potential is limited if you have doubts about your capabilities or self-worth.

These quotes are a reminder to never stop pursuing your dreams.

These motivational words can be shared with anyone who needs a boost of inspiration.

What are your favorite Alexander the Great quotes?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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