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Conversion Boosting Video Ads

by Munmun Moni
Conversion Boosting Video Ads
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A creative video campaign was what you needed. The video campaign cost thousands and you received the best video creative you’ve ever seen. It was beautifully shot and visually stunning.

Conversion Boosting Video Ads

It didn’t work when it was connected to your Facebook Ad campaign. Hard.

Your expected return on advertising investment was 5x. However, the Boosting video barely broke even.

The video was relaxed and creative, but it did not have conversions in its mind. It was a costly mistake.

It’s a phrase we have all heard many times.

To make a video that sells, you need more than just great visuals. Strategy is key. Without sacrificing creativity, we will show you how to create a video ad that converts more people and increases your return on your advertising dollars.

Our method has been used by many clients to achieve remarkable results. It’s great for Snapchat and Facebook Ads.

It doesn’t matter if you produce videos yourself or work with a Boosting video producer. This will make sure that you don’t waste time making new videos or amending them.

Structure your videos using an industry secret.

You don’t need to come up with a creative idea for your Boosting video advertising. Although people might enjoy the video, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will purchase it. This strategy has been used by advertising copywriters for decades to convert prospects into paying clients.

This “formula” allows you to create video scripts with more clicks and automatically convert without spending hours trying to figure out how to do it.

It’s called AIDA. It stands for Awareness. Interest. Desire. And Action. It’s a way to get prospects’ attention, keep their interest, and make them passionately interested in the product. Next, push them to act.

These four steps should be repeated for every video ad you create. This will ensure that they are relevant, engaging, and convert well.

AIDA is a process that starts long before you pick up your camera. Mario explains how it all begins in the planning stage. You can now learn how to make conversion-boosting Boosting video ads from our blogs.

Let’s now take a look at each section.

Conversion Boosting Video Ads

Conversion Boosting Video Ads


To get your audience to click on your video, it is important to grab their attention.

You can do this by promising the recipient a benefit and sparking their curiosity.

You could use the promise to solve a specific problem or offer a unique selling point.


Interest keeps the momentum going, and helps you keep your promise and attention-grabbing. If it doesn’t deliver, they will be disappointed and leave.

To keep their attention, engage them with counterintuitive or new information.


Engage them to make your product real and possible. You can do this by creating an emotional connection, telling a story, or showing the product in action. It should be exciting and engaging.

This is where you connect with your audience to make them want your product. To build excitement and emotion, you can tell a story, demonstrate the product in action or show that real people have used the product.

This section should be able to make your audience expect the offer and desire to take action.

Take Action

These are the outcomes of all three steps. This is where you turn all the desire you have in your audience into an offer.

By the time they arrive, they should be able to WANT to buy the product. Your job is to explain clearly to them what they should do and how simple it is.

Social Proof is a great way to use Boosting video ads

Social proof is an important aspect of the social media marketing that is often overlooked. Your audience must believe that you are trustworthy, even if there are many other brands in the same field.

Building trust is crucial. It is crucial to establish trust with them.

Nearly all of the Boosting video creatives we create for clients incorporate social proof.

Conversion Boosting Video Ads

Conversion Boosting Video Ads

Use Testimonials

Testimonials let you take the words of your customers and share them with everyone.

These testimonials are authentic, show the main benefit to the customer and answer any questions.

These testimonials speak volumes about the great customer experience with the product.


By working with influencers and content creators, you can make your testimonials even more powerful. This is a great way for potential customers to be converted and improve your funnel campaigns.

This is a great way for customers to share their content. Encourage customers to take pictures of themselves using your products.

Include Review Site & Star Badges

You can share your glowing reviews and boast-worthy numbers on a trusted review site. These reviews are powerful evidence that you’re worth it and well worth the effort. This review could be all a potential customer needs in order to purchase from you.

What’s next?

These guidelines will help you get started with your Boosting video creations. If you don’t have the necessary equipment or technical knowledge, this can be expensive and time-consuming.

Standard video production companies can be expensive. Although their Boosting video might look great, they are not optimized for social media or conversion-focused.

Perceptual is a combination of our passion for videography and social media experience to create highly-performing video ads. We will create an eye-catching, visually appealing video for you as well as a complete paid media campaign. Contact us now to begin your next project.

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